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The Shire is the homeland of the Hobbits. It is located in the northwest of Middle-earth, in the region of Eriador. It is one of the few heavily-populated areas left in Eriador.

The Brandywine River (Baranduin) forms the Shire's Eastern boundary. Hobbits also live in Buckland, which lies on the Eastern bank of the river and West of the Old Forest. From the North and the West The Shire has no topographical borders, but is bounded by the ancient South and East roads, and by vague geographical features such as the Tower Hills.

Besides Buckland, the Shire is separated into four divisions, called Farthings: North, South, East, and West.

The Shire is quite densely populated in parts with many villages and a few towns, but is still open enough to allow for wide forested areas and marshes.

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