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Just a handy cheat sheet for Rulers. Work in progress and also don't be lame and use this to twink yourself or others because, really?


1 Stats and Training

1.1 +Trainers

Send a +mail to the Stats and Training Czar with your request, and for quickest turn-around the commands to set the player to the correct level. Note: Setting stealth to lower than 80 is not looked upon well.

Traditional +Trainer Packages:

  • 1 Weapon at Expert, 1 Adept and 1 Practitioner
+settraining *name=weapon/120 (The Expert)
+settraining *name=weapon/190 (The Adept)
+settraining *name=weapon/60 (The Practitioner)
  • 1 Weapon at Expert, 2 Accomplished
+settraining *name=weapon/120 (The Expert)
+settraining *name=weapon/80 (The Accomplished 1)
+settraining *name=weapon/80 (The Accomplished 2)
  • 1 Weapon at Mentor, 1 Veteran, and 1 Proficient
+settraining *name=weapon/110 (The Mentor)
+settraining *name=weapon/100 (The Veteran)
+settraining *name=weapon/70 (The Proficient)
  • 1 Weapon at Expert, 1 Veteran
+settraining *name=weapon/120 (The Expert)
+settraining *name=weapon/100 (The Veteran)

followed with a +maketrainer name command. Please note bare hands is bare_hands for the command.

1.2 +Elites

  • 1 Weapon at Expert
+settraining *name=weapon/120 (The Expert)

1.3 Restricted Species

+culture person=Dunadan Gondorian

Dunedain Gondorian

50 Stat Point Bonus, Max Stat Limit Raised to one stat at 130, Vet in BH

2 Building

2.1 @Quota Increases

2.2 Building Projects

2.3 Beastmaking

3 Features

3.1 Feature Nominations

1) Ruler nominates player The player's ruler +mails the Feature Czar +admin (type "+JOBS FEATURES") with details of the nomination. The +mail should include: which player is being nominated, the role for which they are being nominated (e.g. a non-book feature, special species, or a particular book feature role), and any other specifics that may be relevant. Logs can optionally be provided at this stage or at stage 4. (See stage 4 for log submission details).

2) Nomination posted to Nominations BB The Feature Czar posts the nomination to the Nominations BB. The fact that a candidate has been nominated MUST REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL--especially from the candidate!!

3) Comments The ruler +mails a supporting comment for the nomination to the Feature Czar, as well as encouraging other Rulers/+Readers who have experience with the nominee to send comments to the Feature Czar. The Feature Czar posts these comments so that they can be read by other +Readers using +NOMINEE. Each comment should be in an individual +mail to minimize the work involved in posting them to +NOMINEE.

4) Logs While the nomination is on the Nominations BB, logs are submitted if they were not submitted in stage 1. A sample of 2 or 3 logs which best showcase the RP of the nominee is a good submission. Either +mail URLs to the Feature Czar, or email logs to the Feature Czar as text file attachments.

5) Feature vote After at least 1 week on the Nominations BB the nomination goes to a feature vote conducted by the game admins. (Details are in NEWS VOTES S-P.)

6) Ruler receives results of vote At the end of the feature vote the Feature Czar +mails the admins and ruler with the result of the vote.

7) Post-approval, pre-ceremony details If the result was an approval of the nomination the ruler can ask for an admin to hold the ceremony when the new feature is online. Sometimes a particular admin will respond to the +mail from stage 6 and request to be the admin who carries out the ceremony for whatever reasons (e.g. friendship with the new feature, or having had more dealings with the player than any other admins and being particularly supportive of the nomination, etc).

8) A feature is born The ceremony is carried out, and the player is featured.

Feature Stats and Training Packages

  • Base FC - Master in 1 Weapon, 580 points.
  • High Level Combat Base FC - Master in 1 Weapon, 670 points.
  • Super BFC - Depends on the BFC, but usually Senior Master in 1 Weapon, 750 points.

3.2 Feature Removal

3.2.1 Inactive Book Features

If you have an inactive BFC and need a rename for a player, +mail the Features Czar with your request. The Czar will put up an objection period to the admins, like for normal FC removal. After a week, assuming a Wizard is available, the motion will pass or objections will be brought to the +Ruler for evaluation. After a passed motion, the player will be renamed.

3.2.2 Feature Reinstatement

3.3 Feature Transfers

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