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A quick list of common and useful commands on Elendor.

+CWHO - This command lists all online players categorically.

+LOCALS - Typing +LOCALS by itself gives you a list of the local administrators and online greeters of your culture. If you give a player's name, it lists the player's culture's LA's and online greeters. If you give a culture name or realm name (realm names are place names like "Gondor" while culture names are names of peoples like "Gondorian") then it lists all the LA's and online greeters in that culture. If you supply a species (like "Quendi") then you see all the LA's and online greeters of cultures for that species and the cultures to which they belong.

page <player-list>=<message> - This command sends a message to a player or list of players. If the player's name contains spaces, surround it with double-quotes.

Example - page eru=Hello Eru!

"<message> - Says <message> out loud. The message will be enclosed in double-quotes.

Example - "Hello! How are you?

\\<message> - This sends <message> to every person in the current room. However, no identifier marking it as being sent by you is shown (except that players who are set NOSPOOF do get the standard prefix identifying the source of the sound). For example, @emit foo would show 'foo' to every object in the room.

Example - \\Bob jumps into the pond and exclaims, "How refreshing!"

:<message> - Displays your name followed by the statement you posed. May be abbreviated by the ':' symbol. Normally, a space is placed between your name and the action you are posing. If you do not wish to have a space inserted, use the 'semipose' command, or the ';' symbol.

Example - :waves, "Hello, how are you?" 

+os <message> - Like " only OOC (Out of Character)

Example - +os Hey, do you know what command I use to see inside the room?

HELP SUBSTITUTIONS - How to make line breaks, spaces and other fun things in your poses.

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