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 The following is a short overview of the simplest and most necessary commands
 sorted by topic. Type the word "help" followed by a space followed by one of
 the words in the left column to select a topic. (E.g. "help talking")

   Topic       Description
 ----------   -------------------------------------------------------------
  Talking      This topic includes commands that enable you to communicate
                with other players on the game.
  Getinfo      Here you will find useful commands for getting information
                about cultures and other players.
  Moving       Read this topic to find out how to move around the game.
  Custom       This explains how to customize your character and your
                display. (Note that most of these commands are only
                available to players who have created a character and not
                to those who are using a "Nomad" guest character.)

 Type "HELP <topic>" to continue. Example: help moving
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