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 whisper <player>=<message>
 whisper/silent <player>=<message>
 whisper/noisy <player>=<message>
 whisper/noeval <player>=<message>
 whisper/list <players>=<message>

 Whispers the message to the named person, if they are in the same
 room as you. No one will see the message you whisper.  You can also
 whisper to things you are carrying, or to things that are carrying
 you. whisper <player>=:<pose> also works, in a fashion similar to

 In a noisy whisper, other players in the room may be told who you whispered
 to (but not what you whispered): Polgara whispers to Javelin. On Elendor,
 noisy whispers are disabled. Use +whisper.
 In a silent whisper, other players will not know that you whispered.
 The default whisper is silent.

 The /noeval switch prevents any evaluation of the message, and
 is handy when you want to say things that use special characters
 like % or []'s.

 The /list switch lets you whisper to many people at once. Multiple
 persons should be space-separated, and names with spaces should be
 enclosed in double-quotes.

 'whisper' can be abbreviated by just 'w'.
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