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 If you are new to MUSHing, the help files may seem confusing. Most of
 them are written in a specific style, however, and once you understand
 that style, the files are extremely helpful.

 The first line of a help file on a command or function will normally be
 the syntax of the command. "Syntax" means the way the command needs to
 be typed in. In the help files, when the syntax of a command is described,
 square brackets [] mean that that part of the command is optional and
 doesn't have to be typed in. Also, pointy brackets <> mean that that part
 of the command needs to be replaced with a specific piece of information.
 You should not type the [] or <> brackets when entering a command.

 For example, the syntax of the help command is:
 help [<topic>]
 What this means is that to get help, you would type first the word "help" and
 then you could optionally type the name of a more specific topic in order
 to get help on that topic. Just typing "help" will work too (that's why the
 <topic> part is optional).
 Try typing "help page" as an example. That should show you information about
 the "page" command.
 There is help available on every standard MUSH command. If you see a command
 or someone mentions one to you that you want to know more about, try just
 typing: help <command name> -- that will most likely bring up the help
 file on it. In addition to the "standard" MUSH commands, all of Elendor's
 non-standard commands (i.e. those that are specific to this MUSH) are also
 documented. All of Elendor's non-standard commands begin with a "+". You can
 see a list of them by typing "+help".
 Furthermore, help is available for much more than just commands. We also
 have online descriptions of the game's theme, game policies and procedures,
 and just about anything else you'd ever like to know about what goes on at
 Elendor. This non-technical information is filed under the online news sys-
 tem instead of under the help system. You use the news system the same way
 you use the help system. Just type "news <topic>" to get information on any
 of the topics. Type "news" by itself to see a top-level menu.

 Once you start poking around our help system, you might be daunted by the
 sheer number of things there are to read about. Elendor is a very powerful
 game with hundreds of commands available. So to help you narrow down your
 reading to only the things you care about, we've compiled a quick-start
 guide which lists the commands and topics which we think a new player is
 most likely to want/need to know about. To see it, type: help intro
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