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Welcome to ElendorMUSH

Welcome to Elendor, the oldest role-playing game based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien on the Internet!

Elendor is a multiplayer online game in which people explore a textually-described landscape of over 5,000 distinct areas, interact with over 2,000 different characters, and role-play in over 20 different cultures across Tolkien's Middle-earth -- all absolutely FREE! There is no registration required, no special download, and no fee of any kind. Elendor has been continuously running since 1991, and boasts some of the highest quality role-playing, storytelling, and creative writing anywhere in the Tolkien genre -- but don't just take our word for it, check out some of our accolades.

New players can choose from five different species (human, elf, hobbit, dwarf, or orc), with more choices available to those who have played for a while. If you're a Tolkien scholar, researcher, fan, or perhaps you just enjoy creative storytelling, give us a try! Click to learn how to get started, or look around to learn a little bit more about us!


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