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 Blocking +mail messages from arriving in your mailbox is accomplished by 
 setting a Maillock (@lock/mail) on yourself. See HELP @lock and subsequent 
 texts for the syntax of the @lock command and the various types of locks 
 you can set.

 Example 1> @lock/mail me==#0
   Stops you from receiving +mail from anyone. (Literally, the lock says you may 
   only receive +mail from #0. Since #0 is never a player, this means you 
   cannot receive any +mail at all.)

 Example 2> @lock/mail me=!=*playername
   Stops you from receiving +mail from the named player.

 Additionally, you may also set a MAILFAIL attribute on yourself. The evaluated 
 text of this attribute, if any, will be sent to the person trying to +mail 

 Example> &mailfail me=Sorry. I'm on vacation until September.
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