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 This is the index to the MUSH online help files.

 For an explanation of the help system, type:    help newbie

 For a quick-start guide to the commands, type:  help intro
 For the list of internal commands, type:        help commands
 For the list of extended commands, type:        help +help
 For the list of programmer's topics, type:      help topics
 For an alphabetical list of all help entries:   (See below)
 For technical info about standard PennMUSH:     help code
 For technical info about Elendor PennMUSH:      help elendor
 For a list of flags:                            help flag list
 For a list of functions:                        help function list 
 For a list of attributes:                       help attribute list
 To see the configuration of this MUSH:          @config

 If there are any errors in the help texts, please type +JOBS HELP and
 notify the game administrator listed there.


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