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 The following are Elendor's customized global commands and related topics:

 +Admins      +Alt         +Alt-Rules   +AltWho      +Arbiters  +BuildCheck
 +Bytes       +Com         +Countries   +Cultures    +CWho      +Display
 +Features    +Finger      +First       +Greeters    +Help      +IC
 +Info        +Inspect     +Jobs        +Join        +Knock     +Last
 +Light       +Locals      +LocalAdmins +Look        +Map       +Newbies
 +Oldbies     +OOC         +OS          +PickLock    +Poll      +PrimeTimes
 +QWho        +Restart     +Rpc         +RR          +Rulers    +Search
 +Selfboot    +Set         +Sneak       +Species     +Suggest   +Time
 +Timeframe   +Times       +Top         +Update      +ViewCC    +Wanted
 +WebPass     +Where       +Who         +Zone

 Admin        Arbiters     BBoards      Combat       Descfun      Economy
 IC-OOC       Languages    Lighting     Local Admin  Mail         Ruler
 Timekeeping  Wardrobe

 For help on any of these commands or topics type: HELP <topic>
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